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Anyone can start publishing beautiful recipes in minutes.

The easiest way to create and share recipes online

You don’t need a website, to make a logo or to touch a single line of code to start publishing your own beautiful recipes.

Recipeasly gives you all the tools to start creating and sharing recipes in minutes.

“After months of searching, we found Recipeasly. The relief is so real 🙌”

Amanda Norris @ThatsLifeGourmet

“After months of searching, we found Recipeasly. The relief is so real 🙌”

Amanda Norris @ThatsLifeGourmet

“After months of searching, we found Recipeasly. The relief is so real 🙌”

Amanda Norris @ThatsLifeGourmet

Why you’ll love Recipeasly...

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Your recipes on any device

All your recipes are responsive "out-of-the-box", which means your recipes are accessible, effortlessly, on mobile, desktop or TV.

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Share to all platforms

Instantly share to all major social platforms, letting you build your audience and giving your recipes maximum reach.

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Designed for the kitchen

The kitchen is a messy place, our recipes are designed to be used at a distance and with as few clicks as possible.

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Publish with video and audio

Increase engagement and the production value of your recipes with the addition of step-by-step video and audio.

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Accessible to everyone

We've made it easy for you to be WCAG 2.1 & ADA compliant, that means your recipes are accessible to as many users as possible.

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Beautiful, minimal layout

We make your recipes look great. We get out of the way, as much as possible to let your brand and content shine.

Always free for personal use

  • Unlimited private recipes
  • Stay organize, keep all your recipes safely, in one place
  • Upgrade at anytime
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Start publishing for $5/month

Create a PRO account to start publishing recipes today. Subscription includes...

  • Unlimited public recipes
  • Instantly publish to all major social platforms
  • Optional, automatic text-to-speach conversion

No hassle, no frustration... start publishing recipes instantly

Forget about registering domains, website hosting, security, accessibility and having to learn all the ins and outs of the major platforms. Recipeasly is built for recipe publishers, so you can forget the noise and focus on what you do best, creating and publishing the best recipes.

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