Recipes Simplified

Recipeasly is an app for iPhone, iPad and the Web that makes cooking and developing recipes much simpler. From the start of an idea to sharing it online, we store, track every change, and present your recipe in a way that looks amazing and is easy to use.

No More Scraps of Paper

The days of keeping recipes stored on scraps of paper are over. Keep all your recipes in one place, accessible at any time, on any device.

Not just another recipe site

Recipeasly is your own, private recipe book. You add the recipes and control who see's them. It's a tool for the people who love recipes.

What you'll get...

Designed for foodies

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Be collaborative

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Recipeasly is the first app that lets you work collaboratively on a recipe. Invite users to view, make notes or create new versions of your recipe. We track all the changes and revisions so you can remember exactly what you liked (or didn't) about a specific version.

Every change made to a recipe is tracked and can be reverted or revised and any time.

Kitchen Mode

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Kitchen Mode is a revolutionary way to use your recipes in the kitchen. We make sure the recipe is easy to read, always accessible and always displaying the information you need when you need it.

Use voice interaction to move from step to step, you'll never need to get sticky fingers on your precious device again.

Publish your recipes

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Adding recipes to your website or blog has never been easier. Once you're happy with your recipe, copy an embed code and paste it into your blog or website. The recipe will look exactly as it appears on

Your subscribers will love Kitchen Mode as well as our amazing print layout.


Free Tier

Get started creating recipes with the completely free tier.

  • Create unlimited recipes
  • Access anywhere with iPhone, iPad and Web apps
  • Kitchen Mode

Pro Tier $25/mo

Unlock our professional features

  • Invite collaborators to your recipes
  • Embed recipes on your blog or website
  • Sell your recipes on our Recipe Marketplace

Early reviews

"This app has changed the way I cook. I don't know what I'd do without it."
Jack Read